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Professor Royce’s Libel A Public Appeal for Redress to the Corporation and Overseers of Harvard University Catalogue of the Retrospective Loan Exhibition of European Tapestries Manual of Oriental Antiquities Pictures Every Child Should Know A Selection of the World’s Art Masterpieces for Young People Craftsmanship in Teaching For the Story Teller: Story Telling and Stories to Tell Montessori children The Great Painters’ Gospel Pictures Representing Scenes and Incidents in the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ entle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young Or, the Principles on Which a Firm Parental Authori The Teacher Moral Influences Employed in the Instruction and Government of the Young The Teacher Or, Moral Influences Employed in the Instruction and Government of the Young The Art of Story-Telling William Hamilton Gibson: artist—naturalist—author rts and Crafts in the Middle AgesA Description of Mediaeval Workmanship in Several of the Departments of Appli ell’s Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of ExeterA Description of Its Fabric and a Brief History of the Episcop Cartoons by McCutcheonA selection of one hundred drawings The Moral Instruction of Children School Credit for Home Work The School System of Norway Reflections on the Operation of the Present System of Education, 1853 Cardiff: A Sketch-Book Brief Guide: National Gallery of Art Catechism of Familiar Things; Their History, and the Events Which Led to Their Discovery. With a Short Explan Ely Cathedral Historical Description of Westminster Abbey, Its Monuments and Curiosities Historical Sketch of the Cathedral of Strasburg adies’ manual of art; or, profit and pastime. A self teacher in all branches of decorative art, embracing ever Masters in Art, Part 32, v. 3, August, 1902: GiottoA Series of Illustrated Monographs The Quiver, 11/1899