List of Vocabulary
一点儿不错! You can say that again!
约翰的朋友都说他错了,可是他仍然坚持己见 John's friends said he was mistaken, But he stood his ground.
亲爱的,我忘记闪开了 Honey, I forget to duck.
任何人都会胜任这个工作,只要他细心 Any man will be equal to the task, so long as he is careful.
留了一手、留有锦囊妙计 Have something up/in one's sleeve
他会利用所有这一切零碎东西 He will make use of all the odds and ends.
他会对你怀恨在心的。 He'll bear you a grudge
我愿意把我的反对意见摆在桌面上来而不愿意把它压在心里 I would put it above the table instead of shoving my objection under the carpet.
"西方人论功行赏时常说""好狗应有好骨头" A good dog deserves a good Bone.
完全是另外一回事 A horse of another color = a horse of different color
一个讲究家里摆设的女人也一定很好客 A lady who is house-proud must also like to keep open house.
一根筋儿的人是不会理解你的意图的。 A one track-minded person will not understand what you intend.
经过仔细的调查,他终于弄清了事件的前因后果 After careful investigation, he got to know the ins and outs of the accident.
毕业后我们班的同学就各奔东西了 After graduation my classmates drifted apart
只是由于和妻子吵了一架他就断然决定和她离婚 After having had a quarrel with his wife, he took the plunge and decided to divorce her.
看了那部电影,我的心里感到特别的不好受 After seeing the film, I had a lump in my throat
手术后,那个病人非常虚弱,将近一个星期他的生命在垂危中 After the surgery, the patient became very sick and her life hung in the Balance for nearly a week.
当我们在当地雇到一个向导后,一切都顺利了 After we engaged a guide in the local village, everything was plain sailing.
人都是这山望着那山高。对自己状况没有满意的时候 Almost all people see that the grass is greener on the other hill. They never feel satisfied with what they've already got
那个小伙子虽然只有1.65米高,可他却和一个1.75米的细高细高的女孩子结了婚. Although that chap is no more than 1.65m, he married a bean-pole of 1.75m.
虽然他们有很多共同之处,可是他们并非是性情相投的亲密伙伴。 Although they have many things in common, they are not soul mates.
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