List of Vocabulary
安全出口,请保持通畅 Fire escape, asked to be cleared off obstruction.
禁止停放自行车,否则警察拖走 No bicycles, police will remove
未经许可,禁止入内 No unauthorized access prohibited
门口堵塞,危险 Obstruction of the door can be dangerous.
本区域内注意小偷 Pick pockets operate in this area
请不要把自行车锁到栏杆上 Please do not chain bicycles to these railings
未经允许,禁止张贴广告,否则追究责任 Unauthorized posters and advertisements will be persecuted
来客必须到办公室登记 All visitors must report to office
来客请到门房登记 All visitors please report to the gate warder
发现用此电梯者将被清走 Anyone caught using this lift will be removed from this lift
为了方便你,我们每周7天开放 For your convenience we are open 7 days a week.
此处不准吃食物 No food is to be consumed in this area.
请不要随便从架子上取书籍 Please do not help yourself to books from this shelf
请确保此门上下关紧 Please ensure that this door is closed top & bottom
请保持办公室整洁,使用所提供的垃圾箱 Please keep this office tidy and use the bins provided
票价包括一定的服务费 All prices quoted include any service charges applicable.
凭身份证可在售票处提前预定 Bookable in advance at the box office only with ID
整个演出2小时30分,包括中间休息 The performance runs 2 hours 30 minutes including an interval
票上的价格包括票价和服务费 The price shown on the ticket includes ticket price and service charges.
票不可交换,也不能按购买价退票 This ticket will not be exchanged nor the purchase price refunded.
票在销售,售完为止 Tickets are subject to availability.